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You Know It’s Not About The Outfit You Bring Her Home In...

It’s about choosing a physician or midwife.  Not being assigned to one.

It’s about someone gently reminding you that you’ve got this in the moments when you’re certain you don’t.  

It’s about having someone sit with you and let you cry because you don’t know who you are anymore.

It’s about knowing the questions you didn’t think to ask early on... Does my physician practice delayed cord clamping?

It’s about setting boundaries and staying anchored in your beliefs when everybody has an opinion.

It’s about asking for what you need when you feel like you’re the last one who should have them.

It’s about having someone checking in when all the others stop.

Because Birth Is Perfectly, Imperfect.

Birth Services Provided From The Day You Get THE Positive.


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She’s a wealth of information, and was so helpful fielding all of my new mom questions from how to wear the Moby wrap to ‘is this normal?

I have worked with Marci for a number of years. A good doula really frees up a nurse to do her work, while supporting the laboring woman in a multitude of ways. As a nurse I am responsible for the mother and baby's safety related to their needs. A doula completely devotes herself  to non-medical needs of her client including techniques to ease back labor,  massage, frequent positions changes and use of rebozos to assist with fetal repositioning. A doula allows a nurse to keep up with her duties, keeping mother and baby safe, and providing the required assessments and communication with your physician, while continuing to support her client. Marci is able to turn hospital rooms into a cozy, calm, mother centered space. Marci arrives at the hospital with her "kit" and gathers the items we have to assist with birth induing birthing and a peanut ball, warm blankets and pillows. 

I absolutely love working with Marci, she makes my job easier, and I feel we work very well together, to provide a safe supported, skilled "birth team". I feel that many women have a more satisfied experience with a doula, and are much more likely to keep to their birth-plan, even more willing to go through needed procedures to have the birth they want when supported by a doula. I cannot recommend Marci enough, I am always very happy to have the chance to work with her.    Nicole Weiss, RN, Birth Place, Pullman Regional Hospital